When Aunt Flo visits

Also referred to as the Arrival of Matthew Perry in Japanese, periods are a phenomenon that a menstruator is said to experience on an average of about 7 years in their lifetime. After doing some research, we’ve found 5 key physiological changes and effects that occur when Aunt Flo pays us a visit:  Stomach Cramps:While […]

Water, the elixir of life

Indians just celebrated Holi, the festival of colours…. also a festival during which plenty of water is used and wasted. At GiveHer5, we also honoured World Water Day on March 22nd. Water is a resource we often take for granted and contribute massively to its wastage. Whether you admit it or not, you are (as […]

Evolution of Sanitary Pads

One of the beautiful things about history is that it allows us to learn about the origins of things and how they have evolved. We can see how far we have progressed over time with education, technology, and beliefs changing across communities. With this intrigue, we thought it would be interesting to study and understand […]

The Whispers Are Being Heard

The whispers catch your attention. You turn around to see where the murmurs are coming from. But the sound is gone. Once you leave, they start again – always speaking but barely audible. They hide in the shadows, afraid to come out in the open; afraid to make a statement. “I got my period,” says […]

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