Your Business and Period Poverty – Here’s How CSR Can Help Achieve Gender Equality

At GiveHer5, we’ve been incredibly lucky to partner with companies and organisations that share our values and want to contribute to a more equitable society through corporate social responsibility. Our partners have proven to us that corporate action does not have to be limited to environmental programs, but can be broadened to include period poverty and gender equality as well – regardless of whether a business is targeted towards women or not.

There are two main reasons why your company’s next CSR initiative should focus on gender equality, and more specifically, period poverty.

It’s Good for Social Business

Improve your company’s overall social standing by partnering with organisations that actively seek to make the world better. CSR doesn’t have to be just about image; A company that is dedicated to CSR acts as a good corporate citizen. This widens the definition of corporate success to more than just profit maximisation, taking into account the social impacts firms have as well.

As we move closer to a more equal society, businesses are redefining their policies to ensure inclusivity and gender parity. If you’ve already promoted gender equality within the workplace and developed your company’s profile through more comprehensive guidelines, it’s only logical to expand your actions to your overall community and consider the social potential that your company carries.

The International Perspective

In September 2015, the United Nations released 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) for 2030. UNSDG 5 is gender equality, “a fundamental human right, a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world,” as stated by the UN. With respect to this, companies all over the world have extended their outreach to include CSR arms that specifically target the eradication of sexism. Align your company with this global agenda and join the largest international businesses as they fight for equal opportunities for women.

Through partnering with GiveHer5, you can join a worldwide network of organisations in assuring that more girls fulfill their right to education, ensuring gender equality in India through eradicating period poverty, an issue that can definitely use more corporate attention.

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