Period Myths Still Alive in the Modern World

So many of the menstruating population of the world are plagued with and subjected to period myths. These are more often (than not) scientifically inaccurate, illogical and unnecessary, yet so many of them are prevalent even today. Man has travelled to the moon, developed vaccines, split the atom, but a menstruator shouldn’t wash their hair.


1. Don’t wash your hair during your period, because you will get a serious case of ‘hygiene’.

In countries like the USA, UK and Columbia, it is believed that washing your hair during your period can cause illnesses. Obviously, there is no proof to this and there is no reason to change your regular bathing habits. Not only will they make you feel cleaner, hot showers are known to relieve period cramps.  


2. You get slapped on the face when you get your first period so you have “beautiful” red cheeks all your life.

I had to put this one in just because of how ridiculous it is! This just seems like an excuse to hit someone in the face. Maybe you would have red cheeks momentarily, but having red cheeks all your life off of one slap? Doubt it.


3. You cannot get pregnant during your period.

Despite what a lot of people believe, you definitely can get pregnant during your period. Ovulation can occur during, or soon after the bleeding phase. This can happen if your cycle is shorter, for example, 21 to 24 days, this would mean you ovulate earlier in the cycle. Sperm can live inside you for 2, 3 and up to 5 days.

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