Why Did I #GiveHer5? – Edition I

We’re incredibly grateful to all our donors who commit to making the world a better place. Whether it’s two hundred rupees or two hundred thousand rupees, every donation counts and helps #GiveHer5 reach our goal: ending period poverty. From our one-time donors to those who have chosen to donate a certain amount each month, your contribution does not go unnoticed. All the menstruators we’re able to help in rural India are immensely thankful and look forward to achieving more because of your donations. We all have different reasons for making a donation; here are some of our donors’ reasons.



1. Gendered No More

Poverty, in general, sucks. But the issue with period poverty is that it is gendered – men and women do not experience period poverty equally. Before I found #GiveHer5, I didn’t even know period poverty was a separate issue entirely to just poverty. I want to help erase that gender inequality through my little contributions. That’s why I chose to make a donation!


2. The Right to Education

Education is a fundamental human right. How are we going to let young girls skip school because of a reason out of their control? A reason that can be so easily tackled? I missed out on my daily coffee for a week, so what? I was able to make a difference in at least seven girls’ lives. We can’t let something as minute as a period stop girls from fulfilling their right to education.


3. Red is the New Green

I’d heard of period poverty before and I even know a few organisations that donate period products to women in need. However, what is different about #GiveHer5 is the fact that your team donates a sustainable menstrual product. I think Saafkins™ are such a great idea, especially for women who may not have underwear. I was convinced that I had to make a donation when I read about #GiveHer5’s fight to end period poverty sustainably.


4. No More Menstrual Taboos

Growing up, I struggled with the stigma of menstruation a lot. I wasn’t allowed to talk about it and I was definitely thought of as “untouchable” or “dirty.” This also meant that I didn’t receive the menstrual education that I deserved. I don’t want other people, especially young girls, to go through that. I hope my donation helps #GiveHer5 reach just one girl and show her that periods are a natural process and don’t make her “impure.”

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