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Let’s Talk About Period Sex, Baby

Yes, you read that right. Period. Sex. We can hear the echoing “ewwwww” already. But don’t click away just yet, maybe we can change your mind and erase some period sex myths. We’re in the business of busting taboos, after all. Why don’t you join us?


Misconception No. 1 – “It’s painful, no?”

A lot of people have the (wrong) idea that period sex is painful or uncomfortable. However, because period blood provides an additional layer of lubrication, it can actually be more comfortable and even easier than non-period sex. Moreover, it’s even been proven to alleviate and ease menstrual cramps.


Misconception No. 2 – “My partner will be totally grossed out.”

Open conversation never hurts! Communication is key when it comes to getting down and dirty. (Not that periods are dirty. You know what we mean.) A great way to learn more about your partners’ boundaries and inform them of yours is to make a Yes/No/Maybe list. Write out all the sexual activities that you can think of and put them under Yes, No, and Maybe titles. “Yes, I love bondage,” “No, I don’t want to participate in threesomes,” or “Maybe I’ll try period sex,” for example. You may be surprised with what you learn. Pro-tip: Make sure that everyone involved is well-educated about what each act entails otherwise this is an exercise in futility. And there’s probably only one kind of exercise you’re interested in at the moment. Wink wink.


Misconception No. 3 – “The clean up just doesn’t sound fun.”

Okay, we admit it, the clean up can suck. There’s just no way around that. But clean up after sex in general is always a hassle, isn’t it? Just put a towel down and don’t stain your favourite sheets. That’s almost as bad as staining your nice undies during your period.


Misconception No. 4 – “I can’t get pregnant, right?”

Even if you track your cycle, there’s no way to effectively predict whether or not you will get pregnant during unprotected period sex. We’ve been told that you have to watch the stars, wait for an auspicious day, and pray to the menstrual gods to really know if you’ll get pregnant during any kind of sex. Okay, we joke, but it’s always best to use your preferred method of protection, whether that’s condoms, birth control, or a combination of multiple forms of protection. (Condoms also protect against STIs, which, yes, you can still contract during your period.)


Misconception No. 5 – “My partner will feel my menstrual cup or tampon.”

There are mixed accounts of partners being able to “feel” menstrual cups or tampons, but insertional methods of sanitary protection can be pushed further up the vagina which can become a problem post-coitus. It’s best to remove any insertional sanitary products before engaging in period sex. Or that’s going to be a very awkward trip to the emergency room.


Misconception No. 6 – “Menstruators don’t want to have sex during their periods.”

A menstruator’s libido during their period is most likely to remain consistent, though some may experience an energised sex drive. Apart from cultural taboos and mental blocks that hold women back from engaging in period sex, there isn’t anything physiological that makes them apprehensive about period sex. If you’d like to start the conversation with your partner, you definitely should. Who knows where it could lead? (We’re predicting the bedroom.)

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