The Self-Cleaning Wonder Organ – Maintaining Your Vaginal Health

Your body is a wonderland and your vagina is probably what John Mayer was singing about all along. The health of your vagina is important (regardless of your sexual activity), and yet, not many women are concerned about their vaginal health – except when there is something alarming. Most often the approach to any vaginal discomfort is to “wait it out.” Maybe that’s not always the right way to go; it is in your best interest to visit the doctor. However, prevention is always better than cure. Here’s what you should – or should not – do to keep your menstrual health in check.

  1. Don’t be a douchebag

By that I mean don’t douche. Douching is a method to “wash out” the vagina, usually with a mixture of harmful chemicals sprayed through a tube upward into the vagina. Scientifically, there is little research that shows any benefits of douching. In fact, douching has a lot of harmful effects like the possibility of vaginal infections, pelvic inflammatory diseases, pregnancy complications, and cervical cancer.

  1. Keep the cotton on or not at all

Your vagina loves cotton because it absorbs moisture and is breathable. So, choose your underwear carefully. You don’t have to give up your favourite lacy pairs forever, just remember to air everything out once in a while. If you feel up to it, you can even go commando once in a while to let your vagina breathe. A good time to try this out is when you’re off to bed.

  1. You gotta get yogurt

Yogurt is great for your vajayjay because it’s loaded with good bacteria (probiotics). This helps restore the normal bacteria in your digestive tract and vagina. Just be careful to not consume too much of the sugary kind because that may make you more susceptible to infections.

  1. Wash up

Just because you aren’t douching, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean. Use lukewarm water or a gentle, natural intimate wash that doesn’t contain fragrances, soaps, or dyes once a day. Do not use soap. Soap is alkaline and aggressive for the gentle and sensitive skin in your intimate area. Furthermore, do not insert anything inside your vagina – washing the exterior is enough. Remember: the vagina is self-cleaning!

  1. Wipe away

If you’re on the toilet paper bandwagon, here’s what you might not have considered. Wipe from front to back. This helps prevent bacteria found in or around the anus and rectum from gathering in your vagina and urethra.

  1. If something is wrong, call the doctor

Not only is this a rule that you should live by in life, but it is especially important when it comes to your vaginal health. Only your doctor will be able to accurately tell you if there’s something medically wrong and what to do about it.

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