Our Month in Review – August 2018

Here are some glimpses of the milestones we achieved this August. GiveHer5 for Kerala In the flood-struck city of Kerala, over 350,000 individuals have taken refuge in relief camps across the region. Here, access to period products is limited. Therefore, we distributed 1,000 Saafkins™ using past GiveHer5 funds and will distribute 1,000 more in collaboration […]

What Is Intersectional Feminism?

If you follow activist accounts on Instagram or have been reading those opinion pieces on Buzzfeed lately, you may have been confronted with term “intersectional feminism.” We know, feminism is a heavy one already, and now we have to add another complex word to it? But once you learn the correct definition, you’ll realise it’s […]

An Open Letter To My Period

Hi Friend, Long time, no talk. Whenever you’re here, I’m just never in a mental space to have an unbiased conversation – so here goes nothing. We’ve been friends for over a decade; of course, we’ve had our down days, but we’ve also had our moments. Oh, how I’ve pampered myself when you arrive, and […]

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