An Open Letter To My Period

Hi Friend,

Long time, no talk. Whenever you’re here, I’m just never in a mental space to have an unbiased conversation – so here goes nothing.

We’ve been friends for over a decade; of course, we’ve had our down days, but we’ve also had our moments. Oh, how I’ve pampered myself when you arrive, and how I’ve cursed you for postponing and preponing your arrivals so very often.

Remember when we first met? I thought you were some sort of prank, someone just painting my baby bloomers. But mumma told me you were the invitation card for a “grown woman.” Our years of togetherness have made me realise a few things about you: you are disciplined (or at least you try to be), sometimes you overstay your welcome and sometimes you take too long to come, you and I have the same choice in underwear – you always want my favourite ones. Oh! And you love chocolate just like I do. You and I are similar in many ways. You have always encouraged me to put my best face forward, with all the facemasks, self-love, and downtime I get when you come.

And how can we forget 2012? That year you just wouldn’t visit… It had been months since I’d seen you. But I did receive your care packages. All that extra weight and the hairy arms and legs and underarms and neck and face. No, it wasn’t a little one, I wasn’t that grown yet. It was trouble in period paradise, Papa PCOD had joined Aunt Flo. Now this papa wasn’t anything like mine. Papa PCOD was unsupportive, unflattering, and so annoying that I literally needed to take pills to calm him down. It’s a love-hate relationship now, we’ll work on it together.

In the end, I love you, Period. I know sometimes you just want to lie down on the floor, and sometimes you want to take my seat, and sometimes you sneak into the shower as well. But I still love you, because you remind me I’m okay and I’ll be fine. And everyone needs those monthly reminders, right?.

I know I’ve screamed and cried – but we’ve also danced in granny panties and laughed at period memes together. Good times over bad times, buddy. Thank you for the happy, sorry for the unpleasant.

Yours for another 35 years.

P.S.: I think you owe me some money.

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