Period 101 – Traveling on Your Period

As much as you wish you could schedule your period around that beach trip you’ve been waiting for, sometimes it’s just not possible. Sometimes, you will have to sacrifice a cute outfit to make space for some period products in your luggage. But do not dismay, for all is not lost. There’s still a way to make travelling bearable, if not enjoyable, with our tried and trusted tips.

Prior to Departure

When packing your luggage, keep in mind three important things: your destination, which stage of your cycle you’re in, and how long you’ll be travelling for. If your cycle just ended and you’re going for a two-week-long holiday, you may not need to have a section of your bag dedicated solely to period products.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you’re travelling for a month or longer, we recommend researching your destination(s) beforehand. Do they have adequate access to everything you need during your period? Have you budgeted this into your travel expenditure? How do you ask, “Excuse me, where are the tampons?” In the local language? These are all great ways to get started with your research.


Let’s start with the actual act of travelling first. Train and aeroplane bathrooms can be a tricky space to change your sanitary products in, so if you know your period is around the corner, it’s best to travel prepared. We suggest packing:

  • A roll of toilet paper (no matter how weird it may seem when your carry-on is passed under the scanner)
  • A travel-sized bottle of sanitiser
  • A strip of painkillers (if you’re using the strong stuff, it’s best to carry a prescription along just in case)
  • A pack of your preferred sanitary protection
  • Extra underwear

You may choose to pack these items in both your carry-on and checked-in luggage. After all, it’s always best to be cautious because you may not want to be caught red-pantsed in a messy situation. If you experience cramping, try walking up and down the aisles a few times to stretch your muscles out.


If you’re travelling to an area with easy access to period products, sanitary disposal, and general period care, stock up as soon as you arrive. You won’t want to miss out on sightseeing because you were stuck looking for some pads.

However, if you’re going on an adventurous journey, like a trek or camping trip, do a quick run-through to ensure you’ve packed everything you need. Don’t forget a pack of vaginal wipes, toilet paper, and a carry bag to dispose your used sanitary products in – you don’t want to contribute to period waste mismanagement during your holiday.

This holiday, don’t ignore your wanderlust’s call. Just be prepared and have a good time!

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