Our Month in Review – August 2018

Here are some glimpses of the milestones we achieved this August.

GiveHer5 for Kerala

In the flood-struck city of Kerala, over 350,000 individuals have taken refuge in relief camps across the region. Here, access to period products is limited. Therefore, we distributed 1,000 Saafkins using past GiveHer5 funds and will distribute 1,000 more in collaboration with Tata Sustainability. If you would like to help the women in Kerala bleed with dignity, donate to our GiveHer5 for Kerala fundraiser here.

New Partnerships

We’re proud to announce the newest addition to our NGO partner network: PURE Femme. PURE is a menstrual hygiene awareness campaign focused on educating adolescent girls about period management. The goal of the program is to not let menstruation impact a girl’s right to education. By facilitating easy access to period products and demonstrating their usage through interactive sessions, PURE helps young girls – and boys! – better understand puberty while eradicating menstrual stigma. At GiveHer5, we’re all set to uproot period poverty and enhance menstrual awareness with PURE.

New Events

We conducted a Saafkins™ training session at the All India Professionals’ Congress in Lucknow on the 19th of August. The session included a ‘Train the Trainer’ workshop, featuring detailed demonstrations of how to use Saafkins, and a discussion about the best ways to create menstrual awareness. 12 passionate and determined team members from the AIPC team joined us and we look forward to working with them to implement these learnings in the villages of Uttar Pradesh.

Total Women Helped This Month = 2000


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