Why Did I #GiveHer5?

Why Did I #GiveHer5? – Edition II

In June 2018, we asked the GiveHer5 community why they decided to donate to our cause. Here are some more great answers we received that deserve some recognition. All our donees are so grateful for every single donation we receive. For just Rs. 200, you can change a menstruator’s life. Click here to start a fundraiser or here to make a donation and help eradicate period poverty today. Don’t forget to share why you gave her five too!


1. From Research to Real Life

I participated in research about period poverty in India as part of my masters degree. I was so glad to find GiveHer5, a social initiative that actually understood the situation so deeply. I saw my research come to life! I couldn’t just let my academic pursuits remain in my research paper, I had to do something about it. That’s why I donated to GiveHer5.


2. A World Apart

I’m from a “developed” country and I had no idea that period poverty even existed. I found GiveHer5 while scrolling through Instagram one day and was shocked. In my country, access to period products just recently got subsidised by the government, and I hope India is able to do that too. Until then, I’m proud to give her five.


3. Trust and Believe

Usually I’m apprehensive about donating to social initiatives… But after I understood how GiveHer5 works, saw all the photos of their workshops, and chatted with the team, I learnt to trust their initiative. Everything is so transparent, which means all the donations reach those who deserve it. I’m glad to give her 5 through a trustworthy channel.

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