Period Hacks to Make Your Time of the Month a Breeze

My period is just around the corner and I am almost a 100% sure this one is going to be painful and challenging. But I’ve got some hacks up my sleeve to make it a smoother ride.

1. Take a Bite

…Or just inhale the entire bar. I will eat chocolate, no questions asked, any time of the day, any day. But if it’s even remotely medicinal, why the hell not? You lose lots of magnesium on your period and a 70% cacao bar will refill you right up. However, the caffeine-packed, sugar-rich candy bars are probably not that great an idea. So, stick to dark chocolate and go for the more natural goods.

2. Bottoms Up

Speaking from experience, water does wonders. Not just for the skin and body, but also for your period. Because symptoms like bloating and fatigue are a result of fluid loss, load up on water and your body will thank you.

3. I Like to Move it, Move it

Exercise always helps with premenstrual symptoms like cramping and a lack of energy because it’s not a secret that it releases endorphins and dopamine (also known as happy hormones). If you’re not all that excited about high-intensity workouts, try calmer forms of exercise like yoga, which gets you moving with causing little or no impact.

4. Skip the Cuppa

I know, skipping your morning coffee seems impossible. How will you ever survive another day without your caffeine? Well, it may be best to resist because caffeine can make your PMS symptoms worse when your estrogen levels are elevated. Try some tea or hot chocolate for comfort instead.

5. Find your Zzzs

It’s normal for our sleep cycles to get messed up during and before our periods. The National Sleep Foundation says that 30% of women report lack of resting sleep while they’re on their period. This is probably another reason for crankiness and unhealthy food choices. So, here’s an excuse to stay in bed a little longer. Go on, get under your blanket and stay there till you feel truly rested.

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