The GiveHer5 Advent Calendar

December is already upon us, and December can only mean one thing – Christmas! As the festivities begin, don’t forget about the true spirit of the season. Let the spirit of giving fill your hearts, and take one small step to make a huge difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

To foster the feelings of love and generosity, we at GiveHer5 have created a fun challenge in the form of an advent calendar. Join us and do one good deed every day for 7 days, make sure you take a picture or a video, post it on social media, tag us @giveher5 and 7 volunteers who participate on all 7 days stand a chance to win a unique, specially designed GiveHer5 t-shirt!

Here are some of the good deeds you can do, or feel free to come up with your own.

DAY 1 – Start a fundraiser to raise at least Rs.5000 or get a friend or family member to start one (You can start your own fundraiser here.)

DAY 2 – Give up a luxury that you indulge in every day like your daily Starbucks or Uber ride and donate the money you save by making coffee at work or taking a black-and-yellow cab instead

DAY 3 – Treat a woman in your life to something she may not be able to do herself (eg: buy your domestic help a present)

DAY 4 – Share your favourite GiveHer5 post on Instagram (don’t forget to tag us!)

DAY 5 – Engage in some self-care. Grab an extra 10 minutes of sleep, treat yourself to a massage, or indulge in some retail therapy!

DAY 6 – Wear red, feel sexy, take a picture and post it on Instagram

DAY 7 – Surprise us! Pick any act of kindness you like and make a difference

Go on! Help us make this Christmas just a little merrier for those around us!

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