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GiveHer5’s partner, SHE Society aims to achieve sustainable and holistic empowerment of underprivileged communities through the provision of quality education, healthcare, family welfare planning, vocational training, and environmental conservation.


The SHE Society, in a recent project, aimed to provide SaafkinsTM to the female inmates of 13 jails across Punjab. Another NGO, Jeevan Jyot, spoke to the inmates and educated them about the benefits of a reusable period product.

Volunteers of the SHE Society said, “the response we received was overwhelming.”, and we also received endorsement certificates from the superintendents at the various jails. Each of our volunteers received positive feedback from the users of SaafkinsTM who were all very satisfied with the product. They told us that they found the SaafkinsTM much healthier and more hygienic than the disposable pads they used before.

The SHE Society is keen to replicate this project in other states across India as well.

To support SHE Society and GiveHer5, please visit and make a donation.  You can also create your own fundraiser to raise funds for a specific state or make a general contribution to GiveHer5 on If you are an NGO wanting to run a project like this, contact us at

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