How Can Volunteer Work Help Fight Period Poverty?

The alarming statistics about period poverty are enough to make anyone want to join the fight against this very real issue, but making donations may not be everybody’s cup of tea. How then, can you make a difference? By becoming a volunteer with organisations like GiveHer5 and others around the world, it’s possible to contribute in more ways than one.


GiveHer5’s volunteer program is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to do their bit to end period poverty. As a remote, work-from-home program, volunteers can work from absolutely anywhere and will be inducted into the GiveHer5 Volunteer Program via a Skype session.


Volunteers will have a variety of tasks including researching and identifying schools and organisations to visit in order to raise awareness about GiveHer5, and initiate 7 fundraisers per school or organisation visit. They must also oversee and ensure completion of fundraisers and the pictures taken at these visits and fundraisers will be posted on GiveHer5’s social media platforms. Volunteers should also try and encourage more people to participate in the programme.

Similar volunteer programs have been started by lots of organisations globally, and basic awareness about period poverty and a desire to do something about it, led Gemma Abbott, a Red Box project volunteer coordinator to enter the battle of fighting Period Poverty. She began with donating period products to her local food bank and then, keen to have a greater impact, she became involved as a volunteer coordinator for the Red Box Project, whose aim is to ensure that no young woman goes without access to menstrual protection.


ICS (International Citizen Service) is a volunteer overseas programme that delivers more impact and creates more change and Restless Development is a programme started by ICS where thousands of young people deliver vital information and products  across Africa and Asia. Two volunteers from ICS, Natalie Cleverly and Raj Aryan speak fondly about their experiences. Narrating an incident where they did a session where they delivered a talk on menstruation to male students, explaining what  was happening to their friends,mothers and sisters, Raj says how much it meant to him to help them understand while Natalie speaks about International Menstrual Hygiene Day when their team set up a stand at the bus stop and encouraged conversations about menstruation. They set up a sheet and red paint for people to print their hands in red as a pledge to end the stigma around menstruation. A lot of men and women discussed the importance of menstrual hygiene awareness, which was encouraging.

Another volunteer at Bloody Good Period, Joanna Claire says that one of the best parts about volunteering with them is the many discussions they have on what has wrongly been an off-limit subject for many years, whether with other volunteers, friends, family, colleagues and even strangers, talking about period poverty and the work that is done is a great conversation starter. Simply talking about it is a huge step to challenge our mindset surrounding menstruation.


With GiveHer5’s volunteer program, the rewards keep on coming. In addition to the satisfaction and pride of creating awareness about a much-neglected issue, volunteers can also the silver, gold, or platinum level of achievement based on the number of fundraisers they initiate, how many new volunteers they refer and their contribution to the social media.


So come on! Get involved!

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