Month in Review – December 2018

As we say goodbye to the year gone by, we have a lot to be thankful for. Here’s what we did this month!  



We conducted a pilot project with Ekal foundation which included Saafkins training with SHGs at Wada. The purpose of this training session was to educate them about the product and its use. At the end of the session, 122 participants were given Saafkins.


A demo session was conducted at Gokhale Education Society, Jawahar on the 11th of December. Saafkins were distributed to all 200 participants at the end of the session.

We also attended the Menstrual Health Management Conference in Nepal. This Summit brought together around 400 participants, with representatives from a number of different international and national non-governmental organisations, such as Save the Children, WaterAid, UNICEF, USAID etc as well as key Government of Nepal Ministries such as the Ministry of Health & Population, Ministry of Education, Science & Technology, Ministry of Water Supply and Ministry of Women, Children & Senior Citizens. We displayed Saafkins at this event and were privileged to be a part of the esteemed attendees.

New Fundraisers

Radhika Makharia (Target amount 3000)

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