GiveHer5 in 2018

2018 was a roller-coaster year for GiveHer5 and we are proud to have hosted and participated in a number of events around the country, spreading awareness about menstrual hygiene and entering into new, fruitful partnerships with like-minded organisations.


One of our highlights from this year, along with a new, more attractive website, was the launch of the ‘Fundraisers’ feature on our website. This feature enables supporters of GiveHer5 to create their own, individual fundraiser in support of our cause. Through this, friends of GiveHer5 can tap into their personal networks, bringing friends and family into the GiveHer5 fold, spreading the message of menstrual hygiene awareness even further.


Over the course of the year, GiveHer5 was involved in several exciting events. In May, we hosted a gathering at Herringbone and Sui in Bandra, in honour of World Menstrual Health Day where supporters of the GiveHer5 agenda could renew their commitment by creating fundraisers and bringing more people into the GiveHer5 giving family. The event resulted in over 3,00,000 being raised in just one week, with over 1500 women being helped as a result. One of our biggest supporters at the event was Mr. Devraj Sanyal, the Managing Director and CEO of Universal Music Group & EMI Music for India and South Asia. His fundraiser alone enabled us to help about 500 women.


Our World Menstrual Health Day workshop in June, held together with the Samarpan Foundation to spread awareness about menstrual hygiene was another huge success. During the workshop we were able to distribute Saafkins™ to 125 girls and women in two villages.  We also conducted an awareness session with Sneha, an NGO at the end of June were we introduced the team to Saafkins™, explaining how they work and how to use them. This was part of Sneha’s menstrual hygiene programme.


July saw the propagation of a successful fundraiser led by Grade 12 student Kruthi and some of her friends in Hyderabad. Inspired by the Akshay Kumar film PadMan, the girls wanted to make a difference by helping those women and children who are unable to afford sanitary products.


On the 19th of August we held a training session at the  All India Professionals’ Congress in Lucknow with demonstrations on the use of  Saafkins™. We also spoke about increasing menstrual awareness and look forward to continuing our work members of the AIPC team in the villages of Uttar Pradesh.


September was a busy month for us and we went back to Uttar Pradesh for a Saafkins™ in Mirzapur where the 35-plus girls and women were excited to try the product once they learned about its ease, affordability and efficiency.


We also met with our NGO partner Women and Girls in London to raise funds for GiveHer5. Women and Girls is a charity based in Britain that aims to eradicate period poverty by supplying SaafkinsTM to those who cannot afford sanitary protection.


Finally, our collaboration with Zee5 helped us raise Rs. 5 lakhs for women in period poverty. For every new subscription to the movie Padman, Zee5 donated Rs. 5 to GiveHer5. That means the Zee5 menstrual movement was 100,000 people strong!


This October we met with the ISFLF (Indo-Swiss Future Leaders Forum) at the Impact Hub in Bern, Switzerland to discuss menstrual hygiene management and period poverty.


Our awareness event in Jawahar with the Project Pavitra team from Art of Living, in November, allowed us to reach out to over 120 girls between the ages of 12-20, teaching them how to use Saafkins™ and about the importance of menstrual hygiene.


In the final month of the year we have conducted a pilot project and training workshop with 122 participants in collaboration with the Ekal Foundation and we also held another session at the Gokhale Education Society in Jawahar where Saafkins™ were distributed to 200 girls.

A big highlight of our year was our presence at the Menstrual Health Management Conference in Nepal where we interacted with over 400400 participants, including representatives from a number of different international and national non-governmental organisations, like Save the Children, WaterAid, UNICEF, USAID etc as well as key Government of Nepal Ministries such as Ministry of Health & Population, Ministry of Education, Science & Technology, Ministry of Water Supply and Ministry of Women, Children & Senior Citizen.


We hope to have many more such opportunities and collaborative events in the new year!


New Partnerships


In 2018, we were fortunate to partner with various small and large organisations from around the world, each playing an instrumental role in helping us spread our message of awareness about period poverty and the importance of menstrual hygiene. Some of our new partners of the last year include: 18 Carat House, a bespoke jewellery brand and the Indo-Swiss Future Leaders Forum (ISFLF). We have also joined hands with PURE Femme, a menstrual hygiene awareness campaign and Ramana’s Garden, a children’s home in Rishikesh that provides free primary and junior level education to more than 200 students.


The new fundraiser feature on our website has proved to be a huge success with numerous fundraisers being initiated and completed by individuals and organisations alike! We hope that this generosity of spirit continues in the new year, allowing us to continue to help more and more women every day.

We thank you from the very bottom of our hearts for your continued support.

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