4 Women’s Ideas of Beauty and How It Has Evolved

Beauty is an abstract concept that has been discussed over the centuries, evolving over time and encompassing elements of art, music, human life and, emotions amongst other things. For the purpose of this blog, I am going to narrow down the definition of  beauty to the physical human form and see if we can find something worth pondering. I asked 4 people from the widest age range that I could find to answer one simple question, ‘What is beauty?’ Here’s what they had to say.

1. Ria Jasani, 7
2nd Grade (Singapore International School, Mumbai)

Mumbai, India


“My Peppa Pig dress is beautiful. But in people, my sister, Anya Didi is. Even I am beautiful when mom doesn’t put oil in my hair, and when I can put nail polish – I can put nail polish for you also. Then you will also look pretty.”


  1. Manasi Mehta, 24
    Graduate in Graphic Design (UAL, London)
    Mumbai, India

    “Beauty for me, for as long as I can remember has always been about happiness. It has always been something that makes me feel free, confident and like myself. It is something that has never been derived from my appearance, but always from my heart. There are days I enjoy wearing layers of makeup, and days I enjoy my raw, imperfect skin, only because what actually matters is the light radiating through that skin, the one I call beauty. Beauty is moments that make me feel alive, moments that make me want to love, and moments that make me feel comfortable.” 
  2. Ziwei Wang, 26
    Post Graduate in Philosophy (UCL, London)
    Nanning, China

    “When I was younger, “beauty” to me was about appearance – beautiful look, beautiful face, beautiful clothes. As I get older though, “beauty” became what is discovered underneath the external appearance. It is now about the intriguing essences of people: kindness, integrity, and character. It is about the dignity of being a person. It is about an emphatic heart and the love towards life.”


  1. Vasuntala Shah, 71
    Mumbai, India


“I am beautiful, you are beautiful. Beauty isn’t on TV or on models – what’s the point of that? Of plain outer beauty? Beauty is from within. It is kindness and  love. When you’re beautiful inside, you’re beautiful outside.”


Unsurprisingly, at a younger age, beauty is more external and superficial, based on what can be perceived by the eye. With age and maturity, the definition of beauty shifts to be more internal. Beauty becomes about more than just the perfect body, face or hair. While that may still form an element of beauty, even the crux of it for some, it is about much more. Beauty eventually comes to lie in confidence and virtue, and beautiful, it is ageless and invisible to the eye.

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