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The environment, upliftment of the impoverished, menstruation and education about period poverty are all topics that result in excited conversations and heated debates across the world. As if worrying about the harm our daily lives inflict on the environment wasn’t enough to stress us out, we are now (rightfully) compelled to consider the impact of our period and period products on the environment too!

Luckily for those millions of women world over who bear the brunt of cramps, mood swings and sugar cravings every month, these brands have made our lives a little easier. Each of the period products offered by these brands give back to society in some way.

Most are bio-degradable and non-toxic to the environment and some even donate sanitary protection to women and girls who may not be able to afford or easily access it. So, breathe a little easier and do your bit for the environment and less privileged girls and women while also taking the very best care of yourself at the same time!


  1.     Ruby Cup

The menstrual cup is certainly leading the charge against disposable sanitary products, and Ruby Cup, makers of menstrual cups made from hypoallergenic medical-grade silicon donate a menstrual cup to a girl in an East African school for every cup purchased.


  1.     Lola

If the idea of a menstrual cup makes you squirm (I completely understand!) or if you just prefer the idea of tampons or pads, Lola has you covered.  Lola provides a modern and very convenient, straight-to-your-door delivery service and each of their pads, tampons and panty-liners are create using 100-organic certified cotton. This means, you never have to worry about putting harmful materials into your body or in close proximity to your most sensitive areas. In addition, Lola is actively involved in the fight against period poverty and has donated over 100,000 sanitary products to shelters across the USA, ensuring they are easily and freely accessible by women and girls from lower-income societies.


  1.     Cora

Another feminine hygiene company dedicated to sustainability is eradicating period poverty is Cora. Their period kits include pads and tampons made from 100 organic certified cotton and applicators made from BPA-free plastic, making them safe for use. For every month’s supply of period products ordered from Cora, they donate a month’s supply of organic cotton pads to a girl in Delhi so that she does not have to miss school as a result of not having access to safe, hygienic sanitary protection.


  1.     Thinx

Last, but definitely not least are period panties. These innovative products are worn an function just like regular underwear, but are designed to absorb all but the heaviest menstrual flow. Available in a variety of styles including high-waisted underwear and thongs, Thinx period panties can be worn on their own on days with a lighter flow or as an added layer of protection over pads or tampons.

Thinx are reusable numerous times and can be washed in cold water after rinsing. Thinx also partners with non-profit organisations across the world to make sanitary protection easily available to those girls and women who may not be able to afford them.


There are several other brands like Carmesi, Mooncup and Diva Cup that provide sustainable, environmentally friendly period products and also champion the fight against period poverty. Doing your part is as simple as making the sustainable switch, and treating your body to a less harmful, chemical-free product in the process.

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