The Impact of the Advent Calendar

The GiveHer5 Advent Calendar was an exciting project for the GiveHer5 team not simply because it was an advent calendar but because we were thrilled with the idea that simple deeds could create a ripple effect, resulting in small actions leading to a  big change.

We were also honoured to work closely with Pranita Kocharekar, a brilliant illustrator and someone who greatly cares about the cause. She not only participated in the advent calendar but also created art to encourage more people to participate.


We reached out to Pranita again after completion of the Advent Calendar, and here is what she had to say:

“Other than feeling really wonderful about donating on Christmas Day, I was overjoyed to see sp many people coming back to me even after Christmas asking for your (the GH5) link. It really made me happy to know that there are people who were willing to give and donate from their first salaries to bring out a sense of purpose. I’m so glad I could experience that and be a part of a wonderful initiative.’


To remind you, the advent calendar had the following challenges –  

DAY 1 – Start a fundraiser to raise or get a friend or family member to start one (You can start your own fundraiser here.)

DAY 2 – Give up a luxury that you indulge in every day like your daily Starbucks or Uber ride and donate the money you save by making coffee at work or taking a black-and-yellow cab instead

DAY 3 – Treat a woman in your life to something she may not be able to do herself (eg: buy your domestic help a present)

DAY 4 – Share your favourite GiveHer5 post on Instagram (don’t forget to tag us!)

DAY 5 – Engage in some self-care. Grab an extra 10 minutes of sleep, treat yourself to a massage, or indulge in some retail therapy!

DAY 6 – Wear red, feel sexy, take a picture and post it on Instagram

DAY 7 – Surprise us! Pick any act of kindness you like and make a difference


And with this we raised Rs. 23,803! Which allowed us to help 119 women in total by giving them each a pair of Saafkins, and through that safe, clean and hygienic periods for an entire year! Well done GiveHer5 family!


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