Period Podcasts – Here’s What You Need To Tune Into Now!

Your period. The dreaded 5-days month in and month out that have you cycling through so many emotions that you don’t actually know if your laughing or crying.

From the mortal fear of staining your nice white trousers or being caught unawares without a tampon on a sanitary pad and having to whisper to the seemingly nice lady behind you in line at Starbucks to ask if she has one to spare, the menstrual cycle is an abyss of horror-stories and amusing anecdotes.

To help get you through the pain and feel surrounded by others who just ‘get it’, we’ve picked some of our favourite podcasts that deal with the physical and emotional rollercoaster that is you period!

Each of these podcasts addresses questions about sanitary products, do’s and don’ts, curbing cravings, dealing with cramps and all manner of other menstruation related issues with some real-life experiences and stories thrown in for good measure. Some medical and some just-for-fun, these period blogs will help you take the edge of when you’re down about being down.


  1.     Vicious Cycle –

A podcast about all things period-related for everyone who suffers from this unavoidable malady. Presented by comediennes and real-life best friends Kate Elston, Meghann Hayes, and Meg Trowbridge, Vicious Cycle is a lighthearted take on issues like mood swings (Why I cried this week), cramps, home remedies and sanitary products. Interviews with women with real, relatable stories to tell add an element of interaction with the audience as well. The Vicious Cycle Podcast is available in iTunes and can also be found on Instagram and Twitter


  1.     The TOM Podcast

TOM – short for ‘Time of the Month’, a very common but not very appreciated euphemism for a woman’s period is another podcast that doesn’t shy away from demystifying menstruation. Founded by Florida residents Clarissa Castillo and Arden Leas, the TOM Podcast is almost set to go into its second season after a successful 5-episode first season. The TOM Podcast also has an active social media presence and is available on iTunes and Soundcloud.


  1.     Period Podcast

Hosted by anthropologist Kate Clancy, Period is a podcast that talks about just that, your period. From discussing data that shows how a large number of women across the world actually miss work during their menstrual cycle to talking with real women about their period-related experiences, Period is a podcast that gets deep into the details about menstruation and how it affects not just menstruating women, but also all those around them. Kate Clancy is also a scientist who studies periods.


  1.     The Periodical

In an attempt to challenge the stigma that surrounds menstruation, Periodical host Jessie Braun speaks to those working tirelessly against this very real, global issue. Jessie talks about new sanitary products being developed, how each of us can play our part to take the ‘eww factor’ out of menstruation and discusses ways in which awareness about periods can lead to a more informed, sensitive and happy society. Periodical also addresses issues such as the representation of periods in pop-culture and the media and reasons why women still hide tampons in the shirt-sleeves or pockets in the workplace or at school.

These 4 are just some of our favourite podcasts to tune into to gain more insight and knowledge into the menstrual cycle and how it affects and effectively connects women and girls all around the world. Tell us which ones you like to listen to as well, we’d love to know more!

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