5 Articles You Need To Read about Menstrual Health


  1. Blood Speaks


Speaking about the harsh reality of period poverty and period stigma, this piece hits hard making you question humanity and people’s ability to empathise. A powerful piece that makes you want to get up and effect change.


  1. Menstrual Cycle Basics


When we start our first period, or sometimes even years later, after many many cycles, we are absolutely clueless about all things menstruation – this article will give you information on EVERY SINGLE THING, from when you’re fertile during your period to what happens to your reproductive organs on the 13th day of your cycle.


  1. Men & Menstruation


Menstruation has been a taboo topic amongst men since time immemorial. The only part men have played in the menstruation dialogue is the presence of ‘men’ in the word itself. This piece sheds light on the views of the non-menstruating population on menstruation.


  1. The Power of Period Art


Period art has been taking the world by storm with people using their menstrual blood to paint various representations of one’s period – this article will tell you if it’s just the flow of creative juices or a consequential form of art.


  1. Period Taboo Around the World


The world can be a scary dark place for menstruators and many are subjected to inhumane practices simply because of their biology – read more about this harsh reality in this article now!

So, read on, educate yourself – and if you run out – you can always find some great work on our blog (we may be tooting our own horn, but we are not wrong).

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