5 Women Tell Us Why They Prefer Tampons Over Pads

The debate between pads and tampons is one that has existed for as long as both products have been available. There is no real way for us to settle the debate, but if you’ve been meaning to switch, or switch back, or are just curious, we’ve gathered intel on those who frequent the tampon train.


  1. Rhia Mehta, 25



“I travel often and the best thing about tampons are that they are swimming friendly. They are quite the saviour on holidays when it’s that time of the month and you still want to take a dip.”


  1. Disha Mirchandani, 32

Content Writer


“As a dancer and fitness enthusiast, I find tampons a lot more comfortable while training. They are less restrictive than pads and allow me to wear form-fitting leggings and leotards without worrying about panty-lines or awkward bulges.

Being able to wear normal underwear including thongs during my period is another benefit of using tampons because a nice lacy thong has a way of making you feel a lot less gross than a pair of granny-panties with a pad stuffed in it! Tampons feel like you’re not wearing anything at all!”


  1. Aditi Shah, 26

CEO, Butter Me Up


“I made the switch to tampons years ago. It’s a myth that you have to be sexually active to use tampons, you don’t! Not only are they much more comfortable, you can move around and they’re much cleaner. They are life-changing and I would recommend them completely.”


  1. Surabhi Singh, 26



“Pads are uncomfortable, prone to leakage and used to give me lots of rashes. Now, I have switched to tampons exclusively, and don’t plan on going back.”


  1. Mehernaaz Sam Wadia, 39

Lawyer and Yarn Crafter


“The main reason I switched was convenience. I could not only swim in them, but they were easily available. To be honest I think it was a bit forward at the time, I switched in the year 1996 or 1997.”


Hopefully that shed some light on why people choose tampons, and maybe we’ve made you thinking about switching? If not, at least you know you have an option when you want to go swimming at ‘that time of the month’.


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