Summer Self-Care

Self-care, like self-love and self-acceptance is something that we all need to practice every day. Life though, has a funny way of stepping in, bringing with it a pile of work, relationships, and general things-to-do that can make what should be a relatively simple thing seem like a mammoth task. As the warmer, longer days of summer approach though, let’s take a minute to focus on simple ways to indulge in some self-care before, and during the holidays.


  1. Create a summer reading list


We don’t know about you, but curling up with a good book is something that truly makes us feel great. Add a warm summer day, a comfortable chair by the pool or on the beach, and a tall, chilled drink to go with it and it’s about as close to perfect as you can get. Pick up some light, exciting books that you’ve been wanting to check out, or download the recommended summer bestsellers on your Kindle and settle in for a summer of excitement and adventure .


  1. Try out a new form of exercise


While you may have been working on your summer bikini body at the gym all through the year, summer is a great time to switch up your routine a little bit and try something new. Maybe get outside and try out an aqua-aerobics class or just swim laps around the local pool. You may have been wanting to try out that bootcamp on the beach, and there is no better time than the summer to challenge yourself and push outside your comfort zone.


  1. Grab your friends and go on a picnic


Very little in the world feels as good as a day spent outdoors with your closest friends, laughing, talking and of course, eating! It’s a great way to catch up on all the things you may have missed in each others’ lives because of school or work commitments. Put together an old-school picnic basket full of your favourite things to eat, complete with a traditional red and white tablecloth to spread out on the grass and head to a local park or hilltop for a day of relaxation and rejuvenation.


  1. Disconnect from technology


For those millennials amongst us, the idea of turning off your smartphone and iPad, not checking in on Facebook or scrolling through your Instagram feed as you simultaneously post envy-inducing stories of everything that you are doing might seem like the furthest thing from self-care. Trust us, though, disconnecting from the world, even for a short while will do you a world of good. Try turning off your phone for a couple of hours every day, or even for an hour before you go to bed. You will sleep better, be more focused and will really be able to enjoy the things around you. Another great idea is to go on a hike or trek without your phone, and just a camera to capture the moments and the view!


How are you planning to take care of yourself this summer? Write in and let us know what you have planned.


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