How to Practice Self Love in Under 5 Minutes


I am a big big big propagator of loving yourself. And there are hundreds of thousands of instagram posts, whatsapp forwards, pinterest boards, adverts, brand campaigns supporting this idea. Because it is important! And sure, a massage once in a while can count as self-love but it is not even close to encompassing what self-love truly is. But it’s important, and makes such a huge difference. So here are some quick, tried and tested ways to practice self – love when life gets overwhelming or work gets tough.

1. Take a Time Out


Breathe. Just breathe. I know this sounds silly, but trust. Put away everything. Don’t focus on deep breaths. Just on breathing. Stop everything you’re doing. Take a mental step back, and just breathe for 5 minutes. No more. Shut your eyes, if you’d prefer because that helps too. In the middle of a work day, or honestly, even in the middle of a horrible argument, you’re allowed a time out.


  1. Ground Yourself


Literally, lay on the ground – with your arms and legs spread, and just be. Do this for 2 minutes. Don’t look at your phone, or iPad, or laptop, or TV, or kindle, or playstation or anything that can be connected to a wire. Just lay there and be. And then, hug your knees.


  1. Phone a Friend


This isn’t just something that works for ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ A friend is indeed someone who is there in times of need. Because as cheesy as it sounds, when you’re not giving yourself enough love, a little love from your friend goes a long long way.


  1. Tune In


Have a playlist for everything. Everyone I have met loves music, their choice of music may be different, but music, they love. I have a playlist for everything – when I am feeling low on energy, I have a ‘Dance’ playlist, when I am overwhelmed with anxiety, I have a ‘Breathe’ playlist, and here, more than just playing music, I think it’s about playing the right music, what you need, something only you can recognise best.


  1. You do you!


Talking about recognising best, nobody can tell what you need better than yourself, and a little inner digging. Have an SOS list with things you know work for you. Cleaning helps me calm down when I am stressed, but it could be the reason of stress for someone else. Whatever it may be, know what works for you, what helps, what makes you feel good. And if nothing works, don’t stress, you’re allowed to feel whatever you want. Just love yourself, and be there for yourself, and I am sure you may have heart this before, but to remind you again, you are the greatest love story you will ever have.


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