Our Month in Review – June 2019

Here’s a quick update of what GiveHer5 has been up to in the last month. 

We conducted a video shoot with the beneficiaries of GiveHer5 and you can see all the footage here. Weare also partnering with WOTR for some new projects. 

Another project we are working on is one with the Srijan foundation which will give 5 days back to 4000 to 6000 girls! 

The volunteers from the Ramana Seva Samiri Prabhavati distributed 150 Saafkins to women in the village. 

We reached girls from Ahmednagar, Ambagogai (Beed District), Gangapur (Aurangabad District), and Khalapur (Raigad District). 

Girls Helped: 175

Post created 170

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