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The Origin of the term ‘Menstruality’

Coined in 2001 by Jane Catherine Severn, a New Zealand based Psychotherapy and Menstruality Educator, the term ‘Menstruality’ was her baby – a new approach to feminine life. She noted that our psychospiritual development occurs during each phase of the cycles or the Four M’s. They are Menarche, Menstrual Cycles, Menopause and Mature Life. Each one brings about life changes brought about by the hormones. Jane came up with ‘Menstruality’ because to her shock; no one had bothered to give these changes a name, despite being such a significant part of a woman’s life. By giving it recognition with a name, it sheds light and awareness and breaks the silence on a topic that wasn’t talked about much before.

Understanding Menstruality 

Understanding the female life process of menarche, menstrual cycle, menopause and life post-menopause is key to Menstruality. These phases lead to motherhood which comprises of conception, pregnancy, giving birth and breastfeeding. Menstruality is used to describe the evolution that takes place within the female body biological, psychological and spiritual. It is the lived experience of this process.  

Menstruality enables one to explore the hidden powers within a woman that get released when they are conscious of the relation to the relevant biological life changes. It is used to describe the journey of determination from an ego-based consciousness to a participatory consciousness. Basically, where a woman experiences a full psychological and spiritual growth. 

It is a language for women to articulate their experience that is rooted in the evolution process and natural lore. Women will pass on their knowledge of the feminine life process to others and to the future generation that follows.The knowledge of menstruality grows and changes when it takes each woman’s experience of it into account. It is an internal process that connects us to all of life. 

Menstruality is a journey to love, an experience of being held by the ineffable, the Divine in action.

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