Periods in the news - Menstrual Matters

Periods In The News – Menstrual Matters

In this age of information overload, it is easy for important things to get lost in the noise. This is why we handpicked a few pieces of news, articles, blogs and essays that talk about periods and got our attention at GiveHer5. Here is your dose of curated period news to keep you aware, informed and up to date on the good, the bad and the bloody.


Early menstruators likely to experience vasomotor symptoms in menopause 

If your menstruation started early, you are more likely to get hot flashes and night sweats in menopause – according to research conducted by the University of Queensland. Data analysis from over 18,000 women in the U.K, USA and Australia was compiled with the study showing that women who menstruated at aged 11 or even younger, were 50% more likely to experience hot flushes and night sweats (also known as vasomotor symptoms) when they reach menopause. 

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Periods in the news
Source: The Star

Girls living on the street are being forced to trade sex for pads – a basic necessity, amid a pandemic 

In Mombasa, families living on the street have to rely on themselves, using any material they can get their hands on to be used as pads. Often, men offer to get them menstrual products and other essentials, in exchange for sex. Because these products are an absolute necessity, most young girls are willing to make the swap. The pandemic had made matters worse, as no one is around to offer assistance, allowing an opportunity for vulnerable young girls to get taken advantage of. The government overlooks street families. While there are drives to ensure school-going children get access to menstrual products and learn about menstrual hygiene, women on the streets, in slums and prison do not have equal access. They are some of the most vulnerable women who find themselves being preyed on. 

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Yes, the pandemic has disrupted our period cycles. But there are other reasons why your period may be late.

You can blame late periods on the stress incurred during the pandemic, but do remember that other factors may be contributing to its delay, like exercising too much or weight fluctuations or even an illness. So have a look and see if any of these points resonate with you and remember that a late period doesn’t necessarily mean pregnancy. 

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Sports and menstruation…two things we don’t often see in the same sentence.  

Ever wondered how women athletes play sport despite having periods? Intense training can cause heavy-duty flow that might cause the players to stain their shorts while the game is going on. Menstrual data of each player is tracked by a technical bench, along with period duration and pain levels. This allows coaches to be lenient with women on days with heavy and painful periods. Based on the data provided, coaches can design training sessions that work around periods. Each woman has her issues, some feel pain and discomfort for one day only, while others may have to skip five days of training to recuperate. Having a technical bench of coaches, trainers, team doctors ensures that menstruation does not affect the training and match days.

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Periods in the news
Source: Tyla

Sex and periods playing out on the screen in a natural way has not been a thing till I May Destroy You Came Along. 

There’s hardly any representation on-screen when it comes to menstruating while having intercourse. So it was a pretty big deal when I May Destroy You, a groundbreaking series written by and starring Michaela Coel pushed the envelope further by including a scene with a tampon and a blood clot. The idea was to casually display a used tampon and a blood clot without any significant reaction to the existence of both. If anything, the show was merely trying to show a very relatable moment. When you do see the clot, you find yourself wondering why something so natural has always been so heavily censored in television shows, advertising and films in the past.

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