What Is the Glass Ceiling?

Before we shatter it, it’s important to understand what the glass ceiling actually is. You may have heard the term tossed around in discussions here and there, but it’s more than just a conversation filler. The glass ceiling, according to Merriam-Webster, is “an intangible barrier within a hierarchy that prevents women or minorities from obtaining […]

What Is Intersectional Feminism?

If you follow activist accounts on Instagram or have been reading those opinion pieces on Buzzfeed lately, you may have been confronted with term “intersectional feminism.” We know, feminism is a heavy one already, and now we have to add another complex word to it? But once you learn the correct definition, you’ll realise it’s […]

Menstruating in a Refugee Camp

“When I get my period here, I feel so bad. I ask, ‘Why do I need to get this period?’ There are so many people around, it makes me feel uncomfortable. It’s so awkward and embarrassing.” These are the words used by a young Bangladeshi girl living as a refugee in Kutupalong Refugee Camp in […]

Let’s Talk About Period Sex, Baby

Yes, you read that right. Period. Sex. We can hear the echoing “ewwwww” already. But don’t click away just yet, maybe we can change your mind and erase some period sex myths. We’re in the business of busting taboos, after all. Why don’t you join us?   Misconception No. 1 – “It’s painful, no?” A […]

Does Period Poverty Exist in Developed Countries?

 Period poverty seems like a phenomenon for “underdeveloped” or “developing countries” – a curse that the “powerful” countries of the world need not endure. Despite the fact that most developed countries have stable systems of menstrual education and an abundance of period products, accessibility still remains a huge problem in many parts of the “developed” […]

Celebrating Your First Period

Every first-period story is different. The phenomenon may be the same but the experience is different – biologically, physically, culturally, and economically. We asked our followers/supporters for their first-period stories. Here are some of them – Benched When I got my first period, I had gone skateboarding with some friends. We were just chilling, I […]

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