How To Deal With Body Shaming

The human body is by far the most complicated piece of machinery a person owns. Science has spent decades trying to uncover the origins of human life and how exactly the body works. Current research suggests that there are over a trillion cells in the human body, roughly seven hundred named skeletal muscles and yet […]

Exercises for Pregnant Women (Gym Edition)

Here’s something we know – exercise releases endorphins (aka the body’s ‘happy hormones’), and when you’re pregnant you need all the ‘happy hormones’ you can counter some of the hormonal effects of pregnancy. Exercising when you’re pregnant is a great way to keep you mentally fit and in addition, it may also help prevent gestational […]

How To Detox On Your Period

Over the last few years, the word detox has become a sort of buzzword with juice cleanses, detox teas, health retreats and spa cuisine becoming all the rage. Detoxes are designed to rid the body of toxins and harmful chemicals such as those found in processed foods,  and also serve to reset the body after […]

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