The Power of Period Art

In the September of 2015, Portland artist Sarah Levy released a revolutionary piece of art that caused global uproar: a period blood painting of Donald Trump mid-sentence. Comically titled “Whatever,” the piece was created in response to Trump’s comments about journalist Megyn Kelly. (“You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood […]

Veganism and Your Menstruation Cycle

There is a lot of speculation, a tonne of studies, and an abundance of personal accounts about menstruators who have chosen to go vegan. An increasing number of studies popping up on the internet describe the many health and environmental benefits and drawbacks of avoiding an animal-based diet. Veganism is said to prevent colon and […]

Period Myths Still Alive in the Modern World

So many of the menstruating population of the world are plagued with and subjected to period myths. These are more often (than not) scientifically inaccurate, illogical and unnecessary, yet so many of them are prevalent even today. Man has travelled to the moon, developed vaccines, split the atom, but a menstruator shouldn’t wash their hair. […]

Yoga During Your Period

To get out of bed when you absolutely don’t need to during your period is an absolute drag, to say the least. Trust me, if not, you can trust the National Health Service, these yoga poses will help relieve those nasty cramps. Here are some asanas you can practice during your period –   1. Viparita […]

The 2018 Menstrual Hygiene Day Round-Up

May 28th marked the fourth celebration of World Menstrual Hygiene Day initiated by the WASH United in 2014. World Menstrual Hygiene Day aims to raise awareness about menstrual hygiene management by bringing together various non-profits, government agencies, private sector companies, the media, and private individuals. Over 300 events celebrated menstruation across the globe under the […]

What is Free Bleeding?

Maybe you’ve never heard of the term free bleeding or perhaps all you know about it is how Kiran Gandhi ran the 2015 London Marathon while free bleeding.   For those unaccustomed, free bleeding is the act of forgoing sanitary products while menstruating. That means instead of using a pad, tampon, or menstrual cup to […]

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