I will of
'those' days back with Saafkins.

200 is all it takes to change her life. It will give her 2 antimicrobial, reusable Saafkins. It will keep her in school during her period. It will not let her period stop her, for an entire year.

And it all starts with you.

Give her a year
Or a lifetime
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GiveHer5 @ 17000 ft

GiveHer5 @ 17000 ft

Amount Raised / Total Amount

Raised: 210020 / 200000 INR

1050 Women Helped

1000 Total Women

17000 ft Foundation works to improve lives of the people of remote, high altitude mountainous villages of Ladakh, in areas that lie isolated and ignored for centuries due to problems of harsh terrain. By strengthening existing systems and providing opportunities for growth within these hamlets, 17000 ft aims to stem the desperate exodus of these indigenous communities to faraway cities. My family and I experienced this in 2016 when we went to Ladakh and taught children in rural school all over the district. We formed a bond with many of these children and saying goodbye to them after our 16 days came to an end was devastating. When I heard I could help these children for the second time, I jumped at the opportunity. GiveHer5 is a campaign to give those 5 days back to the women who cannot afford pads or other sanitary napkins and so they have to miss out on 5 days of school/ work, etc. Together, through GiveHer5, we would like to help the girls in these remote villages in Ladakh get those 5 days back so that they can go on with their regular lifestyle without putting anything on hold.