I will of
'those' days back with Saafkins.

200 is all it takes to change her life. It will give her 2 antimicrobial, reusable Saafkins. It will keep her in school during her period. It will not let her period stop her, for an entire year.

And it all starts with you.

Give her a year
Or a lifetime
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Only 18% of women in India have access to sanitary hygiene products. As a result, most women cannot engage in everyday activities, like going to school or work, for about 5 days a month (that's nearly 2 months per year!). While some women are even forced out of their homes during this time, what is even more heartbreaking is that for these women something so natural can result in serious health complications, or even death. Through your donation, you can help empower these women and perhaps even save their lives. Join us in our effort to spread knowledge and supply sanitary napkins to 2,500 of these women in need. Elevate, period.