I will of
'those' days back with Saafkins.

200 is all it takes to change her life. It will give her 2 antimicrobial, reusable Saafkins. It will keep her in school during her period. It will not let her period stop her, for an entire year.

And it all starts with you.

Give her a year
Or a lifetime
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#PassPadsNotShame - Periods don't stop for a Pandemic

#PassPadsNotShame - Periods don't stop for a Pandemic

Amount Raised / Total Amount

Raised: 6760 / 50000 INR

34 Women Helped

250 Total Women

Periods don’t stop for pandemics. Unfortunately, access to safe menstrual hygiene products do. Especially in rural areas of India. With no access to safe sanitary solutions, girls resort to dangerous alternatives like ash, husk, sand, or unsanitised cloth. Join us as we continue to #PassPadsNotShame to women in need, throughout the year. Your donation will help provide safe and reusable sanitary products to girls & women from migrant and daily wage earning families.