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General FAQs

What exactly will my donation give her?

Each US2.50 donation will guarantee a set of 2 antimicrobial, reusable Saafkins to a girl in need in India. This set will #GiveHer5 for an entire year, so she doesn’t miss school/work during her period.

The problem is huge! How will my small contribution make a difference?

100% of the donations go towards purchasing Saafkins for girls in need in India. Every US2.50 has the ability to take care of a girl/woman's needs for 1 entire year. That is a huge difference in her life and every life counts!

Where is my donation going?

Your donation is going to a foundation that will place an order for Saafkins on Livinguard. Livinguard will hand these Saafkins to a network of NGO partners that will in turn distribute the product to the needy.

Who is The Ammada Trust?

Registered with the Commissioner of Charities on 29th March 2001, The Ammada Trust was founded by Mr. Ashok Kurien to address the needs of marginalised people living in extreme squalor, poverty, hunger and deprivation. The main aim of Ammada Trust is to help the poor and needy, irrespective of caste or creed, in areas of health, education, self-improvement etc. You can read more about The Ammada Trust here.

Who is The Patron Foundation?

The Patron Foundation is a non-profit organisation which looks to support patrons with bite-size projects for the empowerment of children around the world to achieve a sustainable social impact. Read more about them here.

What is Livinguard Technology?

Livinguard Technologies is a 100% subsidiary of Green Impact Holding, Switzerland. It's a technology driven company that treats textiles to create breakthrough applications in water purification, feminine hygiene, healthcare and many other areas. You can read more about its proprietary disinfectant technology here.

Saafkins partners with third party vendors and agencies to distribute resources. Tell me more?

Working extensively with the field of development, Livinguard has curated a network of reliable and well reputed NGO partners. These NGOs work in the fields of education, health, sanitation and will leverage their expertise by providing awareness as well as the product sponsored by you.

Donation FAQs

How do I make an online donation?

  • Pick from one of our donation amounts or specify the amount you're comfortable with.
  • If you are donating just once to begin with, select the ‘one-time’ option; if you are interested in giving recurring donations, select the ‘monthly’ option.
  • You will be taken to an online form, please fill up the required details to proceed to a secure payment gateway, and complete your donation.

What happens when I select a 'monthly' donation?

Should you wish to change several lives over the course of the year, you can chose to make your donation a monthly one. This amount is automatically deducted from your account every month and an immediate receipt of the same is emailed to you. You may unsubscribe from this service anytime by clicking here.

Why donate online?

When you donate online, you help us twice over, as it is the most cost-efficient channel for collecting funds in order to #GiveHer5.

Is it very complicated to donate online?

Not at all. It's a very simple and safe 3-step process. Just enter your donation amount, fill in your name and contact details, and pay via a secure payment gateway. You will get an immediate confirmation of your donation through an email as well as an instant receipt for the donation.

Which cards can I use to donate online?

You can contribute by using your credit/debit card online. Both Mastercard and Visa are accepted.

Is there another way I can donate?

There is! You can also #GiveHer5 through a cheque donation. Those in India may address the cheque to The Ammada Trust, and those outside India may address the cheque to The Patron Foundation.

Is it safe to give my debit/credit card details online?

Absolutely. We adopt stringent security measures to ensure that critically sensitive information, such as your personal information and your credit/debit card details, are protected. All your personal information is encrypted before it is transmitted over the Internet. This guarantees that your information is inaccessible to any third party.

How safe is my personal information on this site?

We are committed to protecting your personal information with us. For more details, please email us at info@giveher5.org.

Will I get any tax benefits for my donation?

Donations to #GiveHer5 are exempt from 100% tax under section 35AC & 80GGA of the Income Tax Act. Tax exemption is valid only in India.

How do I contact you regarding my donation?

For more assistance or information on donating, please do write to us at info@giveher5.org.

I've accidentally donated the wrong amount, what do I do?

In the event of an erroneous donation, or if you would like to cancel your donation, please write in to us within 2 days of the donation to initiate the donation reversal process. Email info@giveher5.org with the subject Donation Reversal.

  • Attach the donation receipt as proof of deduction of donation amount.
  • Upon receiving a valid refund request, the amount will reflect in your bank account within 7 working days from the date of reply.